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Reference Journal

My Ching, has a special journal that functions as a hexagram reference. It is titled Hexagram Reference and is selectable from the Journal menu. This journal contains 64 entries, one for each hexagram.

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Hexagram Reference Listing

Content Structure

The content of each reference entry is structured as follows:

  1. A hexagram title taken from multiple translation sources.
  2. A list of core meanings and associations/connotations compiled by the I Ching scholar Bradford Hatcher.
  3. A list of hyper-links to online resources organized into various categories: Translations, Interpretations and so on. Note that the trial version of My Ching will only have two resource links.

Reference Example

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Hexagram Reference Entry

User Materials

The pages of the Hexagram Reference are editable just like any other journal entries. This means that you can add your own hexagram materials, and links to any Internet resource, as in the screenshot below. You can also edit the list of associations/core meanings as you see fit.

However the standard list of Internet resources is managed separately, and does not appear in the editing mode.

Reference editing example

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Hexagram Reference Editing

Reference Search

Just like any journal in My Ching, you can use the search engine to find hexagrams that match particular criteria. You can search by word stem as in the screenshot below, or by keywords/phrase. You can also search for hexagrams that have a particular line characteristic. Consult the manual on how to use the search engine for more details.

Search Example

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Hexagram Reference Search