Evaluate My Ching

This is the trial version of My Ching intended for evaluation purposes. With it you can test out the interface for creating and editing journal entries and explore the many capabilities of the search engine. You can unlock the full version by purchasing a subscription.

Sample journals

The trial version installs three sample journals as follows:

  1. General journal This is an empty journal you can use to enter your own readings.
  2. Carl Jung journal This is a small sample journal containing two historical I Ching readings posed by the great psychologist Carl Jung. He did these readings while writing the forward for the Cary Baynes translation of Wilhelm's I Ching. They demonstrate the "Related readings" feature and show what a typical journal entry might consist of.
  3. Big journal This a large sample journal of 7600 fictitious readings intended to give the search engine a really good workout. The readings were actually taken from an old database of IT jobs and represent hypothetical questions to the oracle: "is it a mistake to apply for this job?". Use this journal to experiment with the search engine. (See the Search Engine help)

By default the Carl Jung journal is selected for searching and entering new readings. You can switch between journals by clicking on the Journals menu.

Trial Limitations


New journals cannot be created.

Journal entries

A maximum of 10 entries can be added to the General journal or Carl Jung journal. No further entries can be added to the Big journal.

Online resources

The online resource menu you get by right-clicking on a hexagram has  a maximum of 4 hyper-links:

Password protection

The journal encryption facility is disabled.

Full Feature-Set

By purchasing a license pack you can unlock the full feature-set of My Ching. See below.


No limit on the number of journals you can create.

Journal entries

No limit on the number of journal entries that can be added.

Online resources

The resource menu for subscribers has up to 5 times more links than the trial version (depending on the hexagram).

Password protection

The privacy of selected journals can be protected with a pass phrase. All entries are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Activating the Full Feature-set

After purchasing a subscription pack at myching.software, you will receive an email with a file attached: "My-Ching-subscription-pack.xml". Save (or download) this file to your desktop folder without changing the name. When you next launch My Ching, it automatically detects the subscription pack and verifies it. A message will pop up to indicate that the full feature-set has been successfully activated.

After activation you can remove the subscription pack file from your desktop. It is recommended to keep it in a safe place in case it is required again.

A subscription pack is only valid on one computer. If you wish to use My Ching on more than one computer you need to purchase additional subscription packs.

Multiple subscriptions

If you purchased several subscriptions, they will be attached to the delivery email as:

(and so forth)

Save (or download) them all into a documents folder, and copy the one you want to use into your Desktop folder.

Subscription Status

You can at any time check how many weeks are left in your subscription by going to the Application menu and clicking on Subscription.

Reassigning a Subscription

It is possible to reassign a subscription pack for use on a new computer. First open My Ching on your old computer and from the Application menu select the option Deactivate subscription. (You need an active Internet connection) After this is done you can now install My Ching on your new computer and use your subscription pack again to unlock the full feature set.

However this option is not available if you are using a version of My Ching prior to 1.0.22. You can instead send an email to: finnian a t hex11software d o t com, with the subject line "Reassign subscription" and attach the subscription pack to the email.