By selecting Preferences from the Application menu you can control many aspects of the appearance and behavior of My Ching.


The Preferences window is divided up into six tabbed sections. Except for the General tab and Advanced Perspectives (under Hexagrams), all the other settings are concerned with some aspect of the visual appearance which can be saved as a theme. The area on the right shows a preview of any change to the visual appearance.

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Search Preferences


My Ching provides a number of visual styles or themes in which to present journal entries. In the preferences window, you can either select one of these themes or devise your own custom theme.

To create a custom theme you simply select your preferred colors, font style, font size, hexagram line style, banner styles, footer style etc, from the preference tabs. As soon as you change any of these settings, you will notice that the theme setting changes to the name "Custom".

When you have finished setting up your theme, you can give it a name by clicking on the Rename button.

Summer Theme

The Summer theme is an example of one of the four themes reflecting the annual seasons.

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Summer Theme

Search result background color

The background color of the search results is a system wide setting for every application. Usually the default is white but you can change this to any color. The following are links to video tutorials that show you how to do this.

Windows 7 and 8

Windows XP

General Tab

The general tab allows you to control the number of search engine results to display in a single page.

Browser on Windows OS

If you are using the Windows version of My Ching, there is also an option that lets you open hexagram resource links in the default system web browser instead of the My Ching browser tab (the default).

Hexagrams Tab

Advanced Hexagram Perspectives

This section lets you choose which advanced hexagram perspectives will be visible at the bottom of journal entry pages.

Line Styles

Choose how big or small the hexagrams are, and also the style of hexagram line. There are 15 to choose from.

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Hexagram Line Design Preference

Choose from three different journal page banner designs.

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Journal Page Banner Preference

Footer Styles Tab

Choose from three different journal page footer designs.

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Journal Page Footer Preference

Fonts Tab

Select fonts for different categories of text in journal entry pages and search result pages. You can also choose a relative font size for all  text categories.

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Journal Page Font Preferences

Colors Tab

Select the display color for hyperlinks, journal page text fonts and page background and borders.

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Journal Page Color Preferences