As of August 2018 we are releasing the first two parts of a series of video tutorials that explains in-depth how to use the My Ching software. If you wish to be alerted when new parts are made available, please subscribe to our Youtube channel: Hex 11 Software.

Minute Index

Each video below is indexed by minute. By clicking on the minute hyperlinks you can jump directly to that section of the video.


The youtube video descriptions contain a transcript for each tutorial. But you need to click on SHOW MORE  to see it.

Tutorial - Part 1

How to create journal entries and consult online hexagram resources (amongst other things).


Min 00:00 Introduction

Min 01:13 Creating a new journal entry with manual input of a divination ritual

Min 03:48 Consulting hexagram resources on the Internet

Min 04:52 Copying and pasting text into the journal entry notes

Min 05:29 Adding a (bold) section heading to journal entry notes

Min 05:49 Inserting a hyperlink into journal entry notes

Tutorial - Part 2

How to use the cast-assist feature and link readings.


Min 00:00 Introduction

Min 01:04 Generating hexagrams with the casting-assist feature

Min 04:11 Linking two or more related readings together

Musical Tutorial

This is our original tutorial released in 2017. There is no voice narration, only music and screen titles. The music is a selection of old Argentine tangos performed by the Adolfo Carabelli orchestra (1893-1947).


Min 00:00 Introduction

Min 00:09 Creating a new journal entry

Min 00:25 Manual input of coin toss results with numeric keypad

Min 01:21 Hexagram input by clicking on lines

Min 01:28 Consulting online hexagram resources

Min 01:41 Copying browser text into journal entry notes

Min 01:56 Adding a bold section heading into entry notes

Min 02:28 Using the casting-assist feature to generate hexagrams

Min 02:52 Link two related readings (journal entries) together

Min 03:18 Browse hexagram reference with (fullscreen) artwork displayed

Min 03:46 Search hexagram reference by keyword

Min 04:08 Search hexagram reference by word stem

Min 04:28 Search hexagram reference  by number

Min 04:40 Search hexagram reference by visual analog of six lines

Min 04:59 Searching in "Big" demo journal

Min 05:23 Search journal by quoted phrase

Min 05:34 Search journal by either-or keywords (logical OR)

Min 05:54 Search for readings with auspicious changing lines

Min 05:59 Change order of search results

Min 06:14 Identifying ruling lines in hexagram figure

Min 06:30 Combining line characteristic search terms

Min 06:52 Filtering search results by date of entry

Min 07:25 Finding help on using the search engine

Min 07:43 Repeating previous searches from search history

Min 07:56 Setting application preferences

Min 08:08 Selecting and applying journal page visual themes

Min 08:21 Selecting a different style for hexagram lines

Min 08:25 Selected a different banner style for journal pages

Min 08:34 Changing color components of journal pages

Min 08:50 Naming a user customized visual theme

Min 09:11 Activating advanced hexagram perspectives

Min 09:34 Creating a password protected journal

Min 10:27 Creating a backup of all journals

Min 10:52 Checking your My Ching subscription status

Min 11:02 END credits