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Possible Uses

My Ching has a number of incidental uses that are not connected with the I Ching. You can for example, create a separate journal to store passwords or record a daily diary.

Password Database

By creating a separate password protected journal called "Passwords", you can securely store all your passwords. If like the developer of My Ching, you have 100's of login accounts, it is useful to have a powerful search engine to retrieve them and be confident that they are securely stored on your own computer.


To create a password entry, open a new Journal page for input. Enter the domain name of the website or some other description as the question. This will the be listed in the search results. Skip the hexagram section. Enter the login details into the notes section.

Passwords Journal

Encryption Details

The Data Privacy section contains details of how the entries are encrypted.

Regular Diary

By creating a separate journal called Diary, My Ching can used to keep a regular diary. A suggested way for creating a diary entry is to put the weekday name into the question field and the diary entry into the notes section. The advantage of this is that as well as being able to search the diary by weekday name, the entry will appear in the search results as the weekday name followed by the date.