My Ching Journals


My Ching allows you organize your readings into separate journals according to topic or time period. For example you might have journals named: "Career", "Relationships", "Social", "Events". Or "Career 2013", "Career 2014" etc.

If you are a professional I Ching reader, you might keep a separate journal for each client, although admittedly, if you have more than 30 or 40 clients, it becomes a bit impractical. This issue will be addressed in a later version, probably by allowing you file journals alphabetically into sub-menus titled "A-C", "D-E".


Some people might prefer to keep all their readings in one journal. The default journal named "General" is provided for this purpose. You can still search your readings according to topic by tagging each reading with a search keyword in the notes. We suggest making the keyword a heading.


At any one time, only one journal is open for searching and appending new entries. The name of this journal is shown in the title of the search tab. To open a different journal for searching and appending, go to the Journal menu, and select one of the listed journals.

Entry count

In the Journal menu a count of entries is displayed to the right of each journal name.

Privacy Protection

The licensed version of My Ching allows you to protect the privacy of journals using AES encryption. Encrypted journals require a password to access, and have a little lock symbol displayed in the search tab to the left of the title. Also journal entries that are encrypted, have the same lock symbol displayed in the entry tab.

Managing Journals

Creating a new journal

To add a new journal select "New Journal" from the Journals menu. A box will appear prompting you for a name. It has a check-box to indicate if you wish the journal to be encrypted or not. By default it is unchecked.

Deleting a journal

To delete a journal first select it in the Journal menu. Then select "Delete current journal" from the Journal management menu. A confirmation prompt will appear. The default General journal cannot be deleted.

Making private

You can choose to password protect any journal my selecting "Make Private" from the "Manage <journal>" menu.