What's New?

Here at Hex 11 Software we are continuously improving My Ching with the additions of new features. The release notes below explain what new feature or problem-fix is provided with each version.

Version 1.1.6

Release date 15 May 2022

Related reading links

When you click on a "related reading" link, the ability to browse all the search results in the same tab with the Alt-left and Alt-right buttons is now available. Previously this was only possible if you selected the reading from the search results.

Hexagram reference

Sample Journal

There is now a localized sample Big journal for French, Dutch and Spanish in addition to German and English. Although the English one has significantly more entries.

German localization mode

Passwords tab

This change applies to the hidden "easter egg" feature which allows you to use My Ching as a password manager. The little tab icon has been changed to display the @ character instead of the number 1. This symbolizes email addresses which are the most common kind of user id needed to log into a website.


Fixed a problem with the installer which would trigger an error message saying the software had not installed properly.

Search box

Fixed a problem with the result sort option natural. Ticking the reverse checkbox was not working for that option.

Version 1.1.4

Released 2nd September 2021

When editing a reading it used to be possible to click on a hexagram line to open or close it. An optimization introduced in version 1.1.2 broke this feature. This handy feature has now been restored.

Version 1.1.2

Released 23th June 2021

Related reading links

If a journal entry has links to other entries, these will now be listed in the search results as a row of compact hyperlinks that you can use to open the related readings in a new tab. When the mouse cursor hovers over the link, you can read the text of the question. This reading result for example has 2 related readings:

55>62 Will Muziker agree to credit terms
      16 Jun 2020
      (Related: 23>16; 64>23)

Improved resource menu

The hexagram right-click context menu listing online resources has an improved dual-column layout. The resources links are now grouped into categories with the headings: Interpretations, Translations; Other Resources. The menu also has smarter screen positioning.


The journals have been made more memory efficient when loaded into machine memory (RAM). This results in a slightly faster benchmarks for loading, saving and also for searching. The big sample journal for example, requires 18,000 fewer memory objects** when assembled in memory.

Minor Tweaks

The search tab is presented on screen more smoothly in a two stage construction, but something you will hardly notice.


** For the curious and technically minded: this optimization was achieved by representing the primary and relating hexagram as a single READING class attribute using a 32-bit integer bitmap. Previously the representation required one instance of the class HEXAGRAM_PAIR containing two instances of class HEXAGRAM.

Version 1.0.35

Released 17th October 2020

This is the most significant release in a long time, and adds a lot of polish to My Ching.

Editing Entries

Backup and Restore



License Management


Unfortunately this fix will mean that people currently using a USB wifi dongle will need to reset their license. But this should only take a minute. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the application menu and select "Reassign subscription"
  2. Close My Ching and copy your subscription pack onto the Desktop.
  3. Relaunch My Ching and the application should reactivate to the full functionality.


The uninstall program now has a proper dialog window instead of just a command terminal.

Version 1.0.31

Released 17 December 2019

Changed rules for linking entries:

Version 1.0.30

Released 7 November 2019

Fixed some minor bugs in the application

  1. Double spacing appearing in entry dates
  2. Navigating to a linked password journal entry via a hyperlink made the entry appear as a list of the default section headings. (The entry data was actually fine)

Version 1.0.28

Released 2 July 2019

Version 1.0.25

Released 23 April 2019

Fixed some minor bugs in the application

  1. Fixed online-resource menu so that menu items are sorted alphabetically.
  2. Fixed the display of questions in the banner area when creating or editing a journal entry . The question will continue to be visible as a title when switching to the hexagram setting page.
  3. Fixed the notes field in the password entry screen so that undo/redo works. (Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-Y)

Version 1.0.24

Released 2 March 2019

New features

Bug fixes

Version 1.0.23

Released 20 January 2019

Help System

The built-in help system (See the Help menu) has a number of improvements.

Version 1.0.17

Released 13 March 2018


Windows 10 users with high definition 2K or 4K monitors are recommended to reboot their machine after upgrading. This fixes a problem with tiny menus and title bars.

Version 1.0.16

Released 25 January 2018

Fixed a problem where trying to replace an existing backup file with another of the same name, would not work.

Version 1.0.15

Released 8 November 2017

Fixed subscription pack detection problem.

Version 1.0.14

Released 17 September 2017

Version 1.0.13

Released 4 September 2017

Version 1.0.12

Released 31 August 2017

Version 1.0.11

Released 24 August 2017

Version 1.0.7

Released 4 May 2017

In this release we have added a special journal that functions as a Hexagram reference. It contains the following information on each hexagram, and because it is a journal, you can add your own notes and resource links.

This release also has a new feature that automatically downloads new releases for you when they are available. Once every 3 days you will get a reminder to install the new version.

Version 1.0.6

Released 22 April 2017

For this release we have fixed some links in the online hexagram resource menu and added a few new ones.

Version 1.0.5

Released 13 April 2017

Fixed a problem with the My Ching installation setup where it was very difficult to make the "A5 paper" window smaller than the default size.

Version 1.0.4

Released 3 February 2017

Various improvements for both automatic and manual hexagram entry

Version 1.0.3

Released 30 January 2017

Version 1.0.1

Released 7 January 2017

Version 1.0.0

Released 1 January 2017

Version 0.99.43

Released 19 December 2016

Version 0.99.41

Released 31 October 2016

Version 0.99.32

Released 16 April 2016

Version 0.99.31

Released 9 April 2016

Fixed problem where some "YES or NO" user preferences were not being saved properly.

Version 0.99.30

Released 8 April 2016

Fixed problem that limited the number of multi-byte characters that could be used in the question or comments text to 26. Multi-byte characters are used for Mandarin and other Asian languages and for special symbols, like the trademark symbol for example.

Version 0.99.28

Released 9 September 2015

Version 0.99.27

Released 14 July 2015

Reintroduced an important feature that scales down the dimensions of the My Ching application window for computers that have a display height of less than 25 centimeters.

Version 0.99.26

Released 12 July 2015

Changes to backup and restore facility

Version 0.99.25

Released 9 July 2015

Version 0.99.24

Released 8 July 2015

This release fixes many issues for Windows XP and also on machines where English is not the installed language.

Version 0.99.23

Released 11 June 2015

Fixed bug affecting new readings where if the reading was immediately reopened for editing after saving, it would not save on the second time.

Version 0.99.22

Released 30 May 2015

Changed online hexagram resource links for Wilhelm's translation to these: http://myching.software/en/table/table-of-hexagrams.html

Version 0.99.19

Released 22 April 2015

Version 0.99.17

Released 6 April 2015

Fixed graphics initialization problem where buttons were appearing blank.

Version 0.99.13

Released 6 March 2015


Version 0.99.10

Released 21 December 2014


Version 0.99.9

Released 11 December 2014


Version 0.99.7

Released 28 November 2014

Minor bug fixes

Version 0.99.6

Released 10 November 2014

New Features


Version 0.99.5

Released 6 November 2014

New Features


Version 0.99.3

Released 16 August 2014

This is the initial beta version offered for testing.


Version Numbers

Software version numbers operate a little bit like dates written in the format:


in that years are more significant then months, and months are more significant then days. Just like the number of days in a month are a little bit arbitrary, the middle and and last number in a version triplet have an arbitrary maximum before the number to the left increases.

The other similarity to dates, is that the first number in a version triplet, tends to change on a timescale measured in years (but not always), the second in a timescale measured in months (but not always), and the last in a timescale measured in days (but not always).