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My Ching is published by Hex 11 Software. Incorporated in 2015, Hex 11 Software develops desktop PC applications for Windows and Linux. We also offer consultancy in the following areas:

The Developer

My Ching was designed and developed by Finnian Reilly. Finnian has been an I Ching user for more than 20 years, and sought to make an I Ching journal that would satisfy his desire for a product that is truly elegant, powerful and visually configurable.

My Ching Developer - Finnian Reilly

Development Language


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My Ching was developed using the Eiffel programming language and the EiffelStudio development environment. Finnian prefers to develop with Eiffel because it is exceptionally well designed.

The resulting code always looks elegant making it much easier to read, understand and maintain. EiffelStudio makes it very easy to navigate every aspect of the code.

Development Libraries

Eiffel Loop logo

Beside the standard Eiffel libraries, My Ching makes extensive use of the Eiffel-loop library collection, also developed by Finnian. These libraries were used for the database, the search engine, UI internationalization, XML parsing, button customization, and many GUI components.

My Ching Website

This website is designed by Finnian Reilly as an adaptation of the Wordpress theme, "Japan Style", from Good Design Web. The pages for this website are generated by Fast CGI servlets developed by Finnian using Eiffel, the Goanna web application framework, and the Evolicity template substitution language (part of the Eiffel-loop library collection).

A tool in the Eiffel-loop library collection allows web content authored with the Thunderbird email client to be exported for inclusion in an Evolicity script.


Please address queries or feedback to: finnian a t hex11software d o t com